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I’m Still Here

In Movie Reviews on September 20, 2010 at 11:10 am

It’s hard to swallow criticisms of celebrity that come from celebrities. But only stars who have experienced stardom have the right to complain about it. It’s a paradoxical perk that the famous inevitably deploy to gripe about the undeserved perks that fame affords them.

Woody Allen made Celebrity, a movie lambasting, well, you know. Britney Spears sang “Piece of Me”, a tune about the travails of global superstardom in the TMZ Era. It helped revive Spears’ career and land her dozens of magazine covers. Now Joaquin Phoenix stars in I’m Still Here, a “maybe, maybe not” documentary about the actor’s undoing by the corrupt and phony business of being famous for losing his identity to the cameras. Friend and fellow movie star Casey Affleck directs, and diligently films everything short of Phoenix’s bowel movements. Don’t worry; Affleck does shoot Phoenix’s friend/hanger on Antony taking a crap. It happens to land on Phoenix’s face. Read the rest of this entry »